Monday, May 1, 2017

Semester 2 post 9

After having worked in an office doing research for a couple weeks, Kathleen asked if I would like to head down to the waste room and take care of some other tasks she had available for me to do. I have to say it was pretty cool being down in the waste room getting to see what labs work with and how chemicals are disposed of properly and amount of knowledge it takes to do that job. Knowing what hazards a chemical has and how to properly dispose of is no piece of cake.  especially when kits are received and the contents of the kits must be separated and disposed of separately. I never really thought about that side of the labs but its a great experience.Image result for chemical waste

Semester 2 post 8

After weeks of reading scientific journals, and research I am glad to say I am eager to present this Thursday.  My presentation took some fine tuning but The finished product really has caught my attention. This was my first literature review and it took sometime to get everything organized, I feel the data was the easy part to interpret, the difficult part was finding articles that had data that would correlate with the target of my project. I read over 15 articles, examined the data and in the end had to decide which articles correlated best with the intended goal so I could fine tune the presentation and final research paper to have a conclusion drawn and explanation for the data put together.Image result for library

Semester 2 post 7

Over all this past semester has really past by extremely fast, time has flown between 2 internships and full time school. As this semester draws to a close and finals approach I wish everyone best of luck on finals. My project with TGEN has really shown me a new way to think of lab environments and how safety features in labs are set for reasons beyond what we know. This aerosol project has shed light on places where improvements can be made. Kathleen was a great mentor to work with this semester and has intrigued an interest in me for  Environmental Health and Safety and how it is important to fully understand the "Why?" protocols are set in place.EHS

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Semester 2 week 10

These last couple weeks have gone by extremely fast, but they have been full of new experiences and great learning opportunities. My reading of articles and scholarly journals have lead me to a conclusion on further improving the already important and meticulous process known as the risk assessment process used in labs to protect lab workers from dangers they may not be fully aware of before beginning new work. I haven't been very clear lately and I should have been when talking about my research, I am researching bio-aerosols to further improve risk assessments that could include lab acquired infections (LAVs) due to bio-aerosols.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week 6 Semester 2

Bio-aerosols have been studied throughout various laboratories to conduct risk assessments. Currently bio-aerosols are known to be infectious when the samples of material carry an infection. The method of delivering these infections to lab workers vary by the lab procedure being performed. Although I am focusing primarily on the lab process of centrifugation, I am also considering any other lab procedures that form aerosols and disperse them into the surrounding environment. Currently it has been shown that aerosol tight rotors should be used anywhere from BSL-2 and higher. This brings the importance of my research, BSL-1 and the distinguishing difference between requiring a Biosafety cabinet for the safety of lab workers.  Sources for aerosol generation and studies of aerosols in labs were not difficult to find, due to the fact that lab acquired infections go undiagnosed and are not considered laboratory acquired infections.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 4 Semester 2

This last week seemed as if it was going to last an eternity, luckily its almost over. As spring break is only a couple days away I have taken my time in substantially further my research in bio-aerosols. So far I am about 8 articles in, with another 3 lined up. As I continue this research I begin to not only understand but also appreciate the emphasis of safety throughout the labs I've worked in. Every article I have read shows data that supports the risks of lab workers through aerosols. I will now shift from finding articles that support the generation of aerosols to articles that detail the effects of aerosols.
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week 3 Semester 2

Continuing Research this week has been fun, I completely enjoy what I do and the experience that i am receiving. Kathleen has shown me around the labs in past weeks and has even guided me through stock checks of flammables cabinets. Soon i will be able to accomplish stock checks at my own pace which will coincide with the research of bio-aerosols, and other tasks given to me. TGEN has given me an experience that really gives me a behind the scenes look at how labs should be organized for
every aspect even waste which is important.

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